Top Places To Visit In Busan

After spending a week in Seoul, I took the KTX headed to Busan. Being a seaside city, I found Busan to have a more laid back vibe compared to the bustling metropolis of Seoul. The lovely beaches combined with a wide range of seafood markets and eateries make this city an attractive destination for many tourists. Here’s a round-up of the places to visit in Busan!


This seaside town used to be the slums, however, an art revitalization project immediately propelled it to become a must-see destination in Busan. The area is known for its steep streets, pastel-coloured houses and vibrant murals hidden among its winding alleys. I absolutely loved getting lost in here and finding small shops and cafes hidden in between! There were also many spots where you can take photos of the beautiful scenery. If you’d like, you can pay a small fee near the entrance for a map as well.


Known as Busan’s movie district, Biff Square is filled with plenty of theatres, shops and leisure activities. I actually just stumbled upon it while taking a walk around the city! It’s easily recognizable as the street is lined up with stalls covered in red and white parasols, each brimming with food and knick-knacks that you can buy.

WHAT TO EAT: If you’re in Busan, you have to get your hands on the famous hotteok. It’s a Korean style sweet pancake with brown sugar filling inside. I managed to grab myself a Ssiat Hotteok which also has a variety of seeds in them. It’s so good! You can find plenty of vendors selling these goodies all over Biff Square.


If you’re interested in visiting Busan, chances are you’ve heard of Haeundae Beach — and with good reason! After you get off from the train station, you walk through a large street lined with shops and towering skyscrapers leading you to the beach. During the time I visited, the Arder Market was taking place, filling the street with vendors showcasing their local crafts! It was really neat looking at all the cute and interesting products.

I went to the beach during the preparation of the popular Sand Festival, so I got to witness some local artists working on their gigantic sand displays. If you’re planning to visit the city, you should definitely come during the festival season!


Considered to be one of the most impressive Buddhist temples in South Korea, Haedong Yonggusa Temple is famous for its beautiful seaside location.


A beach hotspot that is popular with the younger crowd — here you’ll be able to see the Gwangalli Bridge light up at night. There’s also plenty of restaurants, cafes and shops along the beach, making this a lively destination to go to.


I went to the skywalk at night so I got to see it lit up over the ocean. It was so relaxing to be able to walk over the sea and enjoy the view. There’s also the option of riding cable cars overlooking the ocean nearby if you’d like!

WHAT TO EAT: There’s an alleyway near here that is filled with plenty of eateries. I decided to stop by a fried chicken place that seemed pretty popular with the locals. The prices are great for the amount of chicken and fries you get!



This rock beach is considered to be a must-see location in Busan. The views of the ocean from the cliff are gorgeous!

Photo by Ran Ma


Although not as popular as the other temples that you can visit in Busan, Samgwangsa Temple is still worth a visit if you have the time. I visited Busan during the month of the Buddha’s birthday, so there were many colourful and vibrant lanterns lining the streets. On the day of the Lantern Festival, I decided to visit a temple near my AirBNB before going to the festival in the city center. However, by the time I finished my visit to the temple, I was already too exhausted so I made the decision to skip the festival. If you ever get the chance, make sure you check it out! However, if you only have a couple of days in Busan, then I would recommend skipping this and just go to Haedong Yonggusa Temple.


This popular franchise can actually be found all over South Korea, so make sure to visit a location when you can!


Although the location wasn’t ideal, the Airbnb itself was very nice and clean. It’s also right on top of a cute cafe! If you’re going to visit Busan, I would recommend finding a place near downtown.

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